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Clean Water Project
Clean Water has the power to transform families and communities. With your help we can give clean water to people in Sierra Leone. Currently, only 47% of the population has access to clean and safe water sources. Many, including school age children, are dying from waterborne diseases. Your gift will help Share HEART dig wells, purify contaminated water and teach communities about safe water management.  

Without clean water, children suffer from life-threatening waterborne diseases and without nearby access to clean water, children spend needless time and energy hauling water home every day from distant sources. I remember growing up in Freetown, Sierra Leone, waking up at 5am to go over to my neighbor's house or down the street to the community pump to get water for our family.  

The average Sierra Leonean uses about one and one-half gallons of water for daily cooking, including washing and preparing food, and washing cooking utensils. Two gallons are needed for hygiene and sanitation. For an absolute minimum of four gallons of water per day. According to World Health Organization (WHO), to meet the basic sufficiency, almost four times this amount is recommended.

Our goal is to increase access to safe drinking water supply in Sierra Leone, provide access and education on proper hygiene and sanitation facilities and enhance a healthy lifestyles. In doing so, we will help in the prevention of cholera and other waterborne diseases and reduce the fatality rates of these diseases.

100% of your donation will fund our Clean Water Project, allowing us to make a major impact and save thousands of lives. Thank you for your donations. 
Well Water $13,650 Goal

According to World Health Organization (WHO) waterborne diseases are the leading cause of disease and death around the world.

A deep well fitted with a hand pump can provide up to 2,800 gallons of safe water a day to benefit as many as 350 people with the recommended eight gallons of water per person! In many communities, clean water lies hundreds of feet below layers of hard rock. Children have no choice but to walk long distances to find water that is often dirty and disease-ridden.

Your donation will be used to provide wells in as many communities as possible. Wells are not matched to individual donors. As progress updates come in, a report will be available describing how your gift is helping to provide clean water in impoverished communities.

Give monthly to our Clean Water Project to help even more children and families.

Clean Water - $25 Gift

Donate to Share HEART Clean Water Projects. More than 4,000 children die each day of water and sanitation related diseases. Giving to our Clean Water Project will help bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities, helping to cut child deaths by more than half!

Your gift of clean water will also help save the life of children  suffering from waterborne diseases like parasites, worms, cholera, diarrhea. Children in Sierra Leone spend hours each day fetching unsafe water located sometimes miles from there home. 

Your donation to the Clean Water Project will help provide children and families in poverty with access to clean water through things like: 

  • Deep wells that supply safe water
  • Storage containers for rainwater
  • Purification system to treat water contaminated by   bacteria and other waterborne disease carriers
  • Latrines and hand-washing stations to protect clean water sources and improve children’s health.
Water Purification

Safe water innovations save children from cholera, typhoid, and death. Water treatment tablets and the breakthrough PUR water purification powder transform deadly water in minutes. Simple-to-use water purification tablets stop the spread of deadly diseases. These inexpensive and effective life-savers make water up to 99.99% clean and safe. 
Clean Water - $50 Gift

Every day, over 6,000 children die due to contaminated water, and poor sanitation and hygiene. Almost every 7 seconds, a child perishes from a water related disease such as diarrhea, pneumonia, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and the list goes on. 443 million school days are lost every year due to such water related illnesses. 

To give water is to give life. Clean water can cut a community’s child mortality rate in half. It gives parents a powerful way to improve the health, hygiene, and well-being of their children, and enable them to reach their God-given potential. 

Your gift will bring safe, clean water to thousands. You’ll help build wells, treat contaminated water, and provide water storage containers to save fresh rainwater for later use. And, most importantly, your gift will help improve children’s health with sanitation systems that keep water sources clean. 

No other gift produces a more dramatic effect on life than clean water and sanitation. You can help wash away suffering by providing access to one of life’s most precious resources. Give now! For these children, every minute counts.