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Vocational School
​A vocational school will be available for our young adults. They can learn skills like well drilling, masonry and bricklaying, sewing, hair braiding, construction and technical skills.

The textile facility will be equipped with sewing machines and the young women and men will be able to make clothing for the children, house moms, uniforms for our students, and Traditional clothing for the community. 

The masonry and bricklaying training teaches the young men and women how to make, fire, make their own bricks and then how to construct buildings with the handmade bricks they create.

The computer lab will teach them valuable and marketable skills such as word processing, graphic design, computer repair as well as creative skills like audio and video production and design.

All of the vocational training options teach the students how to operate the machinery and utilize the necessary tools and equipment. The skills they learn can be used to aid in village construction, maintenance and repair, communication and will guarantee them a source of income in the future. 

Sewing School

Most women and young males in Sierra Leone have very few options for employment and are often held back by a lack of formal education and training. 

Share HEART Sewing School will enable women and young adults in the community to develop a skill that is valuable and will in turn, secure them a steady income. Students will learn how to sew traditional clothes, school uniforms for primary and secondary school students, and crafts. 

Upon completion of the course, graduates will receive a sewing machine and a start-up kit to allow them to start working with a cooperative or to start their own independent shop. 

Nursing School

Please help midwives, nurses, and nurse assistants enhance their skills. They work in the health care centers where improvement is most critical. The school will be located in the Waterloo, a rural area in Sierra Leone where poverty is widespread. We are working with a local partners who will be running the continuing education programs. Our goal is to improve the health care in Sierra Leone. The local population should begin to trust again that they will be helped when they have a medical problem. Poverty is not only reflected in a lack of money but also in the lack of access to medical care.